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Become a SPECIAL CUSTOMER, see the advantages:

A committed service and with passion for what you do

          The international trade or foreign commerce, always made present in the history of civilizations. The first act of trade possibly ran in ancient times, when one man exchanged one object for another, giving rise to the so-called barter. The trade drives progress, explores different cultures, encourages technology, promotes creativity, approaching distant countries, emerges the competitiveness, makes possible the evolution of humanity through the trading of goods and services across international borders.

          The advancement of international trade and the improvement of relations developed by civilizations were decisive for determining milestones in the history of mankind as the great voyages, which enabled the
discovery of new continents, for example.
          The economic importance, social and policy of international trade increased in recent centuries, boosted the industrial advancement, the improvement of transports, the globalization and the rise of multinational corporations, outsourcing had great impact in the increase of this trade.

          The admiration, respect and passion for the essence of these exchanges with the world is what drives us to make our company better every day, studying concepts, improving our ways of working, adding experiences, to be always part and inside of international trade, so providing the best resources for our clients to shine in this scenario.

All GREEN CUSTOMER IS SPECIAL, because it has:

 Quick and Customized Service;
 Competent and professional staff updated to work with international trade;
 Wide operating structure and strategically located;
 Flexible costs according to the needs of each client;
 Integrated Logistics Door to Door at disposal;
 Guidelines and transportation in different projects;
 Online Tracking - Monitoring the systems with the status of orders in real time;
 Post-sales Service and feedback for continuous improvement;
 Commitment, Respect, Ethics and Responsibility in the works with full professional secrecy;

GREEN BUSINESS, adding knowledge to satisfy our customers in domestic and international market.

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